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Are UltraWide Monitors Worth It?

Learn all there is to know about ultrawide monitors to decide if they are the right display technology for you. Are UltraWide Monitors Worth It? By choosing the ultrawide option, what do you get and what do you lose? Are ultrawide monitors financially worthwhile? The answers to some of these queries will help you determine […]

Curved vs Flat Monitor [Explained]

Here’s how Curved vs Flat Monitor compare when it comes to gaming, along with advice on how to choose between the two. For gamers, the choice between flat and curved monitors is a clear winner. Curved screen pricing used to make them simple to ignore, but that distinction has narrowed in recent years, making the […]

What Is FALD Blooming Or Halo Effect?

What Is FALD Blooming Or Halo Effect? A display artifact called blooming, commonly referred to as the halo effect, happens when light from single, brilliant objects on a screen leaks into the shadows around them. The term “halo effect” refers to the resulting form of halo that is created around the object. It is related […]

How to Reduce IPS Glow [Ultimate Guide]

This article will provide a detailed explanation of IPS Glow and How to Reduce IPS Glow. Are you perplexed as to why your brand-new IPS monitor appears to be glowing? This indicates that you are encountering the well-known IPS glow phenomenon. This is just one of the few drawbacks to purchasing this fantastic display. While […]

When is The Ideal Time of Year to Purchase A New Monitor?

When is the ideal time of year to purchase a new monitor? This book will specifically help you determine that so you can make the most financial savings possible. Are you unsure of the ideal time to purchase a new computer monitor? Most of you won’t be surprised to learn that Black Friday and Cyber […]

Motion Blur Reduction [Explained]

For competitive, fast-paced games, motion blur reduction produces CRT-like motion clarity by strobing the backlight.Motion Blur Reduction technology, which enhances motion clarity by strobing the lighting, is available on several gaming monitors. This function can be turned on in the monitor’s OSD (On-Screen Display) menu. Depending on the monitor, it may go by many names, […]

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