How to Reduce IPS Glow

How to Reduce IPS Glow [Ultimate Guide]

This article will provide a detailed explanation of IPS Glow and How to Reduce IPS Glow.

Are you perplexed as to why your brand-new IPS monitor appears to be glowing? This indicates that you are encountering the well-known IPS glow phenomenon. This is just one of the few drawbacks to purchasing this fantastic display. While admiring how lovely the images seem on your new screen, you can also pick up on this bad consequence. While certain models may exhibit worse IPS glow than others, some may be hardly noticeable.

What is IPS Glow?

How to Reduce IPS Glow

Backlight leakage differs from IPS glow. As the name implies, IPS monitors are bothered by this issue. In certain places, the light appears to be “glowing.” These places might distort colors. Nevertheless, the result varies depending on your viewing angle and proximity to the monitor.

The monitors’ technology is directly to blame for this, and the degree of light varies between models.

On the other side, the light source behind the monitor’s screen is to blame for backlight bleed. An LCD typically suppresses light when it is not needed, resulting in a screen that is dark.

Light spills through if it is not completely blocked. Backlight bleeding is what is typically observed at the corners of the screen. Instead of a completely dark screen, it will appear as though there are some light patches on it.

Although both issues can be inconvenient, you shouldn’t let them deter you from purchasing an LCD or IPS display. This is due to the fact that the problem does vary by model and brand, and that it is most obvious in a dark environment (and the brightness settings are set way up). Additionally, the illumination appears to be slightly brownish, yellowish, greyish, or mild bluish, though this can vary between different units.

Can A Monitor’s IPS Glow Be Tested?

How can you be sure your new screen won’t have this issue given that it can be a problem common to IPS monitors? After all, if there is a serious problem, you may return it right away rather than being forced to use a brand-new IPS monitor with poor IPS glow.

Open the monitor to a completely black screen, and turn down all of the room’s lights to test it (lamps and light from outside). The IPS glow will be easier to see in a dimly lit environment. You can test the monitor in regular lighting as well because some models have serious IPS glow issues that are visible even in well-lit environments. You might think about getting the display replaced or refunded if you notice the light in these circumstances.

How to Reduce IPS Glow

Owners frequently discover the IPS glow after the fact, making it impossible to exchange or refund the monitor. Additionally, you can often take action against the glow because it is not always severe. Is there a slight IPS glow on your monitor? Then you might try these methods to lessen it.

Boost the ambient lighting

The IPS glow shines more prominently in rooms that are darker. The simplest solution is to illuminate the space where the screen is being utilized. Additionally, you can see the game monitor’s black levels, and the contrast looks more pronounced.

Adjust Your Monitor Properly

You must use the correct monitor settings if you use your IPS monitor in a dimly lit environment. This entails adjusting its tilt and height as necessary. The best course of action is to start a test video in a dimly lit area, then move the height and tilt until you reach the ideal setting where the glow is hardly perceptible.

Reduce The Lighting

Many users have their displays set to the maximum brightness levels (or higher than 80 in the OSD), however doing so can adversely impair IPS glow. Around 120 cd/m is where you want to be. Although it will initially seem strange, you will rapidly adjust to the new settings. Additionally, a lower brightness will be easier on your eyes, and the contrast will be better.

Utilizing A Microfiber Cloth, Massage The Screen

Although there is no proof that this works, several online users claim it does. You only need a microfiber cloth, and it will take 20 to 30 minutes to massage the screen’s edges. Trying it out wouldn’t hurt even if it might not work on everyone.

Set the monitor a little bit further.

If the IPS light bothers you, moving farther away from the screen may result in a smaller panel. Leaning back in your chair or hanging the display on the wall are other options. Keep your distance from the monitor between 80 and 120 cm for the best results. The glow is less visible the further away you are.

The Panel Frame Construction Should Be Loosened

The hardest step is this one, so proceed with extreme caution. And never loosen the panel frame using credit cards to prevent committing these two errors. The first is that the outer panel frame (which is made of plastic) can press the inner panel against the outer one if the inner panel’s metal frame is lost.

The second potential error is that your credit card might lose some pieces of plastic that could end up stuck in the inner panel frame. Backlight bleeding and increased panel pressure could result from this.

Source: Lims Cave

Should you be forced to tolerate IPS glow? Ideally not, particularly if you purchase a new screen with a serious instance of that problem. Any new monitor should always be inspected for flaws before use, and any issues should be reported as soon as possible to the vendor or manufacturer while there is still time for a return or warranty. But if there are no major problems in the first few weeks, you might have a model with no or barely perceptible IPS glow. If it does arise, you can try these tips to lessen it.

In addition to making the glow appear worse than it is, taking a picture of an IPS display with the brightness turned up to 100% in a pitch-black environment with a dark background on the screen is not the proper approach to assess IPS glow.

As we’ve already indicated, in this situation, glowing is anticipated to be noticeable.

Fortunately, looking at the screen while in these circumstances is hazardous for your eyes and you shouldn’t do it.

As a result, we advise that you turn down the brightness if you’re in a dimly lit space and turn it up when the room is brightly lit during the day.

Additionally, IPS glow typically stands out more from particular perspectives.

To make the glowing less noticeable from your vantage point, try tilting or adjusting the monitor’s height. You might also try moving your seat a little bit farther from the monitor.

Finally, you can improve the ambient lighting in your space. You can significantly reduce the visibility of the IPS glow by using a regular desk lamp or some RGB LEDs behind your desk.

Even though it’s the same model, take note that IPS glow differs between different units of the monitor due to panel variance. But in all but the most extreme circumstances, it’s controllable.


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